There are a ton of YouTubers messing around with Ouija boards these days.

They are all young and clueless, so who am I to object?

One young mother said her son’s scratches looked like the demon was trying to get out.

He agreed saying the scratches were ‘flat’. They were having a blast!

Which is creepier? That they were faking it, or didn’t care?

Either way, I will have to follow some of the regular board-users for several years to find out how it plays out.

So far:

It took several contacts before the player told his viewers to never ever use a ouija board in your own apartment, that it’s stupid.

He then apologized from the bottom of his heart to future renters if he contaminated the apartment.

He did use a board in his car with several friends and contacted zozo.

He used it, with friends, on the Will Rogers beach and contacted ‘William’ who wanted to hurt them.

He used it with friends in the suicide forest, which said they would find a dead body, which they did.

My question is: What will happen to this guy? Maybe nothing. Will he get away with it?

Only time will tell…

So far:

Amy Allan from The Dead Files collects them, but she knows what she’s doing, and advises against them.

It’s like drinking and driving. Maybe u make it home, maybe u don’t.

I’m not going near them…

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